Touchwood X EK Reflective Parocord Bracelet


We team up with EK to produce the 1st ever cross platform accessories in Malaysia. The bracelet hand strung by only 1 strand and with the carefully selected reflective microparacord and material to bring out the durability and stylish look of the bracelet. The tiny reflective line on the microparacord, its tiny yet powerful. For the more unification, there is a EK pendant with numbering on each bracelet. Only 50 piece had been produced, It's LIMITED EDITION. It come with a laser engraving wooden box with each purchase of the bracelet.

The reflective effect may only visible on certain angle and with flash on it. The completed bracelet is extra 2.5 cm++ loosen which is more comfortable while wearing, the sizes shown below is not final. Please choose your fit wrist size accordingly after measuring your wrist.
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