About Us

TOUCHWOOD a.k.a THWD, established in 2009, was founded by 4 like- minded individuals in Penang, Malaysia.


Originally formed to design and produce streetwear apparel for their own interest, it soon developed into a label with a complete clothing line. The core of TOUCHWOOD, together with the founding members’ enthusiasm, commitment and passion, was the “Fusion of Art and Cloth”. The focus- identify and integrate art into daily streetwear, giving the wearer not only comfort, but the distinctive look to stand out from the crowd. The first hit, consisted of 2 signature T-shirts limited to only 2 designs and 2 colours, was released back in 2009. TOUCHWOOD’s presence began to grow!

It was not always a smooth ride for the brand, in 2011, citing creative and strategic differences, 3 of the original founding members moved their separate ways to pursue their own interests. In fact, there was only 1 member left in Penang. The brand at that point, was in sleep mode, waiting for the right time to reignite…

Fast forward to 2013, with the same core belief as before, TOUCHWOOD re-emerged with a bang! First, by adding accessories into the mix- The Paracord Series, featuring unique bracelets and key chains, which are uniquely designed and individually handcrafted by TOUCHWOOD’s remaining original member and current Director, Chao. With the Director’s personal touch and attention to detail, quality of the Paracord series is assured and demand for the accessories continue to grow. TOUCHWOOD has also worked together with other brands from the streetwear community to come out with limited edition crossover merchandises, and is still on the lookout for more like minded people to collaborate with.


Things are definitely getting more interesting at TOUCHWOOD. Find out more by following us on our Instagram and Facebook Like Page. As we bring you more “Fusion of Art and Cloth”.